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Onthe9 has curated points of regeneration at four awe inspiring destinations in Ontario, Canada.

We passionately design our environments for our to guests relax, recharge and reconnect.


Onthe9 loves to share amazing backdrops for elopements, weddings, family reunions, wellness retreats and couple’s getaways.


Big Nature. Little Nature. Off grid.

Onthe9 believes in order to create balance and happiness three ingredients are essential. We need to connect with ourselves, nature and each other.


Our first destination is 3.5 hours north of Toronto and serves as a 200 acre nature reserve with woodlands, waterfalls, rivers and sand beaches.


When you are looking for a little chunk of Big Nature our Mono location is only 55 minutes from downtown and provides the same experience as Nipissing only on a smaller scale.


In order to protect Big and Little Nature our eco-education center in Hockley Valley provides the knowledge and path to help heal the planet.



The four properties managed by Onthe9 each serve a divine purpose, culminating in The Village, a 140-year-old church that stands as a beacon of Oneness.


With each property, we strive to elevate humanity and cultivate stronger communities. The Village, our final destination, embodies these ideals, offering a sanctuary where individuals come together in unity and faith.


Here, amidst its historic walls, we foster connections, inspire growth, and spread the message of compassion and solidarity, echoing our commitment to building a better world for all.

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